Ecoliteracy is a term to denote the understanding of the principles that govern the health of the Earth and its ecosystem

Ecoliteracy Programming

Ecoliteracy refers to the understanding of the principles that govern the health of the Earth and its ecosystem. To be ecoliterate means that you use this understanding to promote sustainable human and nature-based communities. Below are samples of the ecoliteracy programming Blue Water Baltimore can offer your organization.


Introduction to Watershed Ecology and Management (1 hr)

This presentation covers the basics of watershed ecology as well as some of the stormwater management projects Blue Water Baltimore has initiated in Baltimore City. We will examine the natural history of water and how human settlement has impacted the Earth’s natural water cycle, and we will discuss some of the solutions to the modern challenges we face.

Baltimore City Water Health Update (1 hr)

The mission of the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, a division of Blue Water Baltimore, is to protect and restore Baltimore waterways through enforcement, fieldwork, and citizen action. The goal is to make our waterways safe for recreation (including fishing and swimming), to improve public health, and to improve the health of our ecosystem. This presentation shares the current data that is being collected, how to use our Harbor Alert website, and how you can help foster the health of our harbor.

Jones Falls Watershed Tour (Half Day) 

The is a perfect field trip to give your organization a firm, place-based understanding of the water cycle. We start at the head waters of the Jones Falls and make various stops to discuss the history of water use in Baltimore City. We also discuss some of the modern challenges our city faces as well as the solutions Blue Water Baltimore and other organizations are making to make our waterways healthy. This trip is a great way to prime your organization to take part in our various service learning and volunteering opportunities. The watershed tour takes approximately three hours and typically ends with a picnic lunch at the Inner Harbor. The organization must provide transportation. This is an excellent trip for student groups.

Interested in a different type of class? Our programs can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and include service learning and volunteering opportunities. Blue Water Baltimore’s ecoliteracy programs are offered for a nominal fee; however, some maybe offered in connection with existing grant funding. Please contact our Outreach & Education Coordinator, at, to inquire about these opportunities and to discuss your organization’s educational needs.