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Blue Water Baltimore is proud to have a staff committed to building community programs that promote clean, healthy waterways. Our dedicated staff is responsible for our essential day-to-day operations and the implementation of our programs.

Director Staff

Angie Brickhouse, Development Director

Angie Brickhouse is a seasoned fundraiser with more than 15 years of nonprofit development experience in the education sector. In her role at Blue Water Baltimore, she is responsible for planning and implementing fundraising activities that retain and enhance current streams of revenue and for developing new opportunities for support. Prior to this role, she was the Director of Annual Giving at Gilman School in Baltimore for seven years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in sport studies with a concentration in sport and mass communications from Baltimore’s Towson University.

Jill Cecil, Director of Finance and Administration

Jill Cecil has a solid background in finance with more than 20 years of experience managing both profit and non-profit finances. In her role at Blue Water Baltimore, Jill supports the areas of finance, budget, human resources and operations. She earned an Associate of Arts in education from Notre Dame College and an Associate of Arts in accounting from the Community College of Baltimore County.

Angela Haren, Director of Advocacy and the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper

As Director of Advocacy, Angela’s primary duties are to manage and execute the legal and regulatory advocacy projects that protect Baltimore’s waterways. Prior to joining Blue Water Baltimore, she co-founded Clear Resource Law, a firm specializing in legal, policy, and strategy services for environmental projects. Angela brings over twelve years of nonprofit experience including working for the Natural Resources Defense Council and California Coastkeeper Alliance. Angela holds a J.D. in Environmental Law from Golden Gate University, an M.P.P. in Environmental and Natural Resource Policy from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, and a B.A. in Comparative Literature from UC Davis.

Carl Simon, Interim Executive Director and Director of Programs

Carl Simon is the Director of Programs with Blue Water Baltimore and brings years of experience working to protect and enhance Maryland’s aquatic resources. In his role at Blue Water Baltimore, Carl manages the organization’s restoration programs, which include stormwater and tree planting projects. Previously Carl served as a Division Manager with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service where he oversaw the organization’s budgets, grants, and contracts supporting the state’s oyster restoration, striped bass, and blue crab management priorities. His service background includes working as a Red Hat volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and serving as a Board Trustee with Temple Beth Shalom. Carl earned a Master of Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in political science and environmental studies from Guilford College.

Program Staff

Michel Anderson, Outreach and Education Coordinator

As the Outreach and Education Coordinator, Michel Anderson facilitates action-based outreach and education activities to help residents, institutional staff, and students understand the connection between Baltimore’s streets and streams and facilitates discussions about opportunities for community environmental restoration. He also manages our Storm Drain Art Program. Before joining Blue Water Baltimore, Michel worked as the Ecoliteracy and Sustainability Coordinator for the Waldorf School of Baltimore where he developed original nature-based educational programing and managed a variety of sustainability initiatives. Michel is a Master Gardener, permaculture practitioner, artist, and photographer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in visual art and photography from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Master’s degree in sustainability and nature-based education from Antioch University New England.

Erin Bennett, Program Manager, Stormwater Assessments

As a Program Manager, Erin Bennett conducts residential and institutional stormwater assessments to determine opportunities for stormwater projects. Erin provides guidance and support throughout the project implementation process, including project selection, and installation. Prior to working at Blue Water Baltimore, Erin worked at Sassafras River Association as a Watershed Coordinator. Erin earned her Bachelor of Science in natural resource management and a Master of Arts in urban affairs and public policy from the University of Delaware.

Elise Bruner, Community Organizer

Elise Bruner establishes and maintains relationships with Baltimore neighborhoods in order to understand the environmental challenges they face and to connect them with resources. Her ultimate goal is to empower citizens to advocate for their own social and environmental interests. Prior to Blue Water Baltimore, Elise worked for University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Sociology Department. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in American studies and music and a Master of Public Policy from UMBC.

Oswaldo Campitelli, Construction Operations Manager

Oswaldo Campitelli (Oz) is the Construction Operations Manager with Blue Water Baltimore and brings years of experience working with construction and warehouse management. In his role at Blue Water Baltimore, Oz coordinates field operations, manages the fleet, coordinates work with other contractors, and implements and oversees new construction projects. Oz is studying construction management at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Darin Crew, Senior Manager for Nursery and Forestry

Darin Crew leads our Nursery, Youthworks Program, and Urban Forestry planting and maintenance programs.  Before joining Blue Water Baltimore, Darin worked at Herring Run Watershed Association (legacy organization), after serving as a fellow for the Chesapeake Bay Program and pulling seine nets for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. He earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is a certified professional horticulturist through Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association.

Elizabeth Fortson, Community Forestry Manager

As the Community Forestry Manager, Elizabeth is in charge of Blue Water Baltimore’s open space tree planting program. This program is separate from our street tree program and involves planting trees in Baltimore City and County parks, schools, neighborhoods, and private property. She is responsible for identifying sites; designing planting plans; performing outreach; implementing tree planting projects; and coordinating the yearly maintenance schedule for Blue Water’s 10,000 existing trees. Elizabeth grew up in the New England woods and has loved trees since before she can remember. She came to Baltimore in 2011 and soon became inspired by the incredible community of environmentalists and environmental justice activists in the city. She has previously lived in China, conducting environmental sociology research in the forests of northwestern Yunnan Province. She earned two Bachelors of Science in global environmental change & sustainability and East Asian studies from Johns Hopkins University and is currently working toward a Master of Science in environmental science & policy from the same institution.

Lindsey Freel, Database and Technology Manager

As the IT and Database Manager, Lindsey is focused on leveraging technology to drive Blue Water Baltimore’s mission. She comes to Blue Water Baltimore with a strong background in the sustainability and resilience sectors. Lindsey is determined to use technology to communicate the economic, environmental, and social value of improved water quality. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a focus on sustainability and social change in urban environments from Miami University of Ohio.

Jessie Hillman, Finance and Administrative Assistant

Jessie Hillman provides support for the administrative and financial functions of Blue Water Baltimore, including IT support, human resource management, and operational-related activities. Jessie comes to Blue Water Baltimore with extensive background knowledge in non-profit and grant-based administration. Previously she worked at Johns Hopkins University and the Florida Department of Health. When not working at Blue Water Baltimore, Jessie volunteers as a librarian with the Station North Tool Library and the greening committee with her Baltimore neighborhood association. She graduated from Reed College with a Bachelor of Arts in cultural anthropology.

Vanessa Hoffman, Environmental Construction Technician

During the fall, winter and spring, Vanessa Hoffman works with the Environmental Construction Team to remove impervious surfaces, plant street trees, and construct rain gardens. Vanessa is also involved in community projects for urban renewal in the Baltimore City neighborhoods. During the summer Vanessa is a Youth Works Forestry Team Leader, and waters and maintains our street trees while leading and mentoring 14-to-21-year-old Baltimore City Youths as they gain exposure to working. Vanessa is currently working to become certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. When she is not at Blue Water Baltimore she helps to manage her family tree farm where they sell maple syrup, honey, fruits, nuts, and mushrooms in Upstate New York.

Rob Jenkins, Nursery Manager

As the Nursery Manager, Rob Jenkins oversees the daily operations of Herring Run Nursery. He has more than 23 years of experience within the Maryland horticulture industry, primarily in the production and retail aspects of the business. Rob received both his Bachelor of Science in Biology, as well as his Master of Environmental Science from Towson University. While working on his Master’s degree, Rob interned with Blue Water Baltimore’s water quality monitoring program, as well as interning with the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Barbara Johnson, Water Quality Assistant

As Water Quality Assistant, Barbara Johnson provides support for the Ambient Water Quality Monitoring programs. Barbara also offers assistance with the Outfall Screening Blitz program, the Pollution Reporting 101 training and conducts Pollution Investigations when problems are reported by citizens. Before joining Blue Water Baltimore, Barbara interned with the Water Quality Monitoring program for 10 months. She has been in Baltimore more than 23 years and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental sustainability and human ecology from the University of Baltimore.

Katherine Jones, Public Policy and Advocacy Manager

As Public Policy and Advocacy Manager, Katherine engages in public policy efforts at the local and state levels on behalf of Blue Water Baltimore related to eliminating pollution in the urban environment. Collaborating across Maryland, she advocates to ensure all citizens needs are met to foster a healthy and thriving Baltimore community. She comes to Blue Water Baltimore with a passion for social justice having significant experience in the areas of community development, advocacy, and cross-sector collaborative initiatives. Katherine is a two term AmeriCorps alum and holds a Bachelor of Arts in art history from the University of Connecticut, with a minor in sociology, and a Master in public policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, with a concentration in public management.

Samantha Keane, Program Coordinator

As Program Coordinator, Samantha Keane assists with the stormwater reduction programs at Blue Water Baltimore. She is responsible for conducting stormwater assessments and site visits, organizing and hosting rain barrel workshops for the Rain Barrel Program, and coordinating other Blue Water Baltimore stormwater reduction campaigns. Before joining Blue Water Baltimore, Samantha worked at the Ecology and Health lab at the University of Maryland where she contributed to research on mosquito urban ecology and residential stormwater management. She earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental science and technology with a concentration in Environmental Health as well as a minor in sustainability from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Jennifer Kirschnick, Development and Project Manager

Jennifer Kirschnick serves as the Development and Project Manager at Blue Water Baltimore. She assists the Development  Manager and Executive Director with furthering the mission of Blue Water Baltimore by providing fundraising, office administration and special projects support including being responsible for administrative operations of development, and database management. She previously worked for five years in the Landscape Architecture and Planning Department for a civil engineering firm in Greenbelt and operated her own landscaping company for six years in Baltimore City. Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts in landscape architecture from University of Maryland, College Park.

John Marra, Field Operations

John Marra (Johno) is responsible for implementing greening projects throughout Baltimore City and County. Prior to joining Blue Water Baltimore John was a teacher for Art with a Heart, a public mural artist, an Americorps member with Civic Works, and the assistant supervisor for the Civic Works Community Lot Team. An Eagle Scout since 1999 and a founding member of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, John strongly believes in the importance of volunteerism, community involvement and do-it-yourself ethics. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Goucher College.

Corbin Sulton, Landscape and Construction Technician

As Landscape and Construction Technician, Corbin Sulton is responsible for the implementation of Blue Water Baltimore’s landscape and stormwater restoration projects. Prior to joining Blue Water Baltimore, Corbin worked with Baltimore County golf courses and with local private landscape companies. Corbin is a certified professional in erosion and sediment control and is proficient with heavy machinery and many hand tools.

Ashley Traut, Senior Manager, Innovative Stormwater Projects

Ashley Traut is a conservation biologist with experience working with threatened and endangered species, urban ecology, and sustainable design. As Senior Manager for Innovative Stormwater Projects, Ashley develops and leads programs focused on community-wide stormwater reduction strategies, in particular through the Blue Water Congregations Program. Ashley earned a Bachelor of Science in terrestrial ecology from University of Vermont and a Master of Science in wildlife ecology and conservation from University of Florida.

Elise Victoria, Field Operations Manager

As Field Operations Manager, Elise Victoria spends most of her time helping communities implement street tree planting projects. She leads our city neighborhood street tree planning and planting. When she isn’t surveying sites for new projects, she keeps busy maintaining the thousands of trees Blue Water Baltimore has planted over the years. Elise is determined to add more beauty and aesthetics back into communities with healthy, thriving trees. As a former Park Foreman, she brings valuable experience building crew capacity and creating efficiency for the day to day operations of urban enhancement and restoration. She graduated from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor of Science in corporate communications.

Alice Volpitta, Water Quality Manager

As Water Quality Manager, Alice Volpitta is primarily focused on operating the tidal and non-tidal ambient water quality monitoring programs under the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper. Alice also manages Project Clean Stream, the Adopt-A-Stream Program, and the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program. Previously she worked with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources managing its Non-Tidal Network Program and carrying out monitoring surveys across the state. Alice earned her Bachelor of Arts in biology with a minor in environmental studies from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Robert Walker, Restoration Technician

As Restoration Technician for Blue Water Baltimore, Robert Walker is responsible for the construction and landscaping of environmental stormwater projects within the Baltimore region. Robert is on the Environmental Construction Team, and works in the field with the crew to remove conventional concrete, plant street trees, and construct rain gardens. Prior to joining Blue Water Baltimore, Robert spent time with Center for Urban Families.

Alison Young, Volunteer Manager

Alison Young comes to Blue Water Baltimore as the Volunteer Manager to enthusiastically support its core program areas through volunteer recruitment and engagement. She aims to unite all people together through a communal approach to environmental advocacy and conservation. Alison’s background encompasses diverse experiences overseeing programs in the cultural, education and nonprofits sectors. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics from the Maryland Institute College of Art and formerly served as the Children’s Program and Volunteer Coordinator at Baltimore Clayworks. Alison has participated in national and international exhibitions along with multiple artist residencies in France and Italy. Her artwork resides in permanent collections in Washington DC., Italy, and France including the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.