Install a Rain Barrel Rainwater

When you install a rainwater harvesting system, you can conserve your water, reduce stormwater pollution, and help prevent erosion of our stream banks.

Rain barrels are container that collect and store rainwater for activities such as watering plants or washing outdoor furniture. Several rain barrels or one larger tank (cistern) can be installed to create a rainwater harvesting system.

Rain Barrel Benefits

  • Reduce water bills

  • Capture rain to water your garden

  • Decrease the volume of stormwater pollution and prevent erosion

  • Lessen the demand for energy intensive, chlorinated tap water


Every Drop Counts

Join Blue Water Baltimore at one of our rain barrel workshops and build your own to take home. Our workshops provide an overview of rain barrels, the installation process, and the steps involved in the rain barrel construction process. Participants use tools provided by Blue Water Baltimore to construct their rain barrels. Check our event calendar for upcoming workshops.

  • Participate in One of our Current Rain Barrel Programs

Belair-Edison and Dundalk Residents

Residents of Belair-Edison and Dundalk (within our watershed boundaries) are eligible to receive a rain barrel with free installation for $20, through the Chesapeake Bay Trust Rain Barrel Behavior Change Program. Through this program, we hope to discover what some of the common barriers and incentives are for residents to obtain and use rain barrels. Program participants will be asked to participate in two brief surveys, one at the time of installation and another a few months after using the rain barrel.

Deep Blue Neighborhood Residents

Residents of Baltimore Highlands, Highlandtown, Belair-Edison, Cherry Hill, Oliver and Mondawmin are eligible for a $20 rain barrel and free installation through our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation funded Deep Blue program.

McElderry Park Residents

Residents of McElderry Park are eligible for a free rain barrel and installation through a National Wildlife Federation grant.

  • Host a Rain Barrel Workshop

Blue Water Baltimore experts would love to come lead a workshop at your neighborhood, business or school. Email our Rain Barrel Program Coordinator for more information about rain barrels and workshops.

For more information or to request a rain barrel and installation, please contact Samantha, 301.792.1035 or

Collecting and reusing rainwater through tools like homemade rain barrels is a smart way to help protect and restore the environment.